Monday, May 20, 2013


This is a Tromboni squash plant. It is not supposed to be susceptible to the squash vine borer that has "bugged" me for years. I also am growing " eight ball" squash- round suckers! They may not take the shape of traditional zucchini but are close enough for me. I'm growing them in containers and hoping if I take good enough care if them that I'll get a few to pick! But what about the color of that flower? That is my new favorite! If only MaJules could help me nail that in a Sherman Williams paint,,,,

Friday, May 17, 2013


I know this sounds sappy but sometimes I am just so grateful for the incredibly beautiful world around me. Last Sunday the kids and their children were all here. The little boys were so precious - my favorite thing is watching them run around together. Al and sons took over the kitchen and fixed the Moms a wonderful there anything better? I think not.
Later on in the week Al and I took a bike ride down in Fairhope. Beautiful day- as we rode along the bay your senses were assaulted by the world around us. Gorgeous bay....the magnolias and confederate jasmine are blooming- the scent is truly southern:-)
The African iris and all the other southern perennial bedding flowers are we're really showing off! The earthiness of fresh cut grass and spiciness newly planted marigolds- Don't you love spring?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good Times

One of the most special treats was meeting up with our dear Aussie, Suzanne Wray and her friend- visiting all the way from Down Under! While we had incredible meals in our condo- the last night was an extra big warm fuzzy with great friends. And check out that pile of our purchases!!! It's a good thing we took my van- LOL
And remember- what happens in Paducah- stays in Paducah!!!!!!

Carol Bryer Fallert escaped

We stopped at the Bryer Patch Studio in the hopes of taking a tour of Carol Fallerts house- no luck but we did get to talk to the incredible quilt artist who did this quilt of her grand daughter. They Lunar Moth is one of Carols works of art. Amazing.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quilt Man and Bobbin Boy...

Just when it couldn't get any personalities in the form of SUPER HEROS!!! Quilt man whizzed around on a motorized scooter thing towing Bobbin Boy on a skate board.....capes flying!!!! no I don't make this stuff up.

Ricky Tims got into it!!!

Ricky Tim's asked for a feather to wear for his photo opp! This is a fantastically talented man - and so gracious. Unfortunately, his partner on crime, Alex Anderson was having lunch so we couldn't coerce her into a group shot.... That's ok- Ricky made up for it.

Marti Michel - Next victim!

Template queen Marti Michel willingly gave it up- she's been to Mobile in the last few years and spent her 70th birthday teaching at our retreat. She is the master of marketing and made sure to ask if we were doing her "Marti and me" at Susan Baskins quilt shop- I told her I was ....kinda white lie... Haven't attended recently but who's taking attendance?