Monday, August 31, 2009

Good Morning!

Hi all,
OK - I have to digress a little bit. I am a quilter and last weekend I was at our guild's August retreat.....way cool and much fun. We do this secret sister thing and my secret sister was GREAT....She knew I was the expectant new mother of Rosie (her good friend has an Amazon named Pepper and we have talked frequently about how spoiled rotten Pepper is.) and have a penchant for wearing nose glasses with other partners in crime to disrupt meetings.... The gifts she surprised me with were hysterical and I just had to share them with you....

Notice....First I got the glasses - Complete with false eyelashes and one of Pepper's feathers. Next came the parrot which I wore on my shoulder and then finally found a place of honor on my sewing machine.

Next was this little lovely:-) She sat on the other side of my sewing machine...can you tell I was going to get a parrot soon???? Interspersed with these Happy's were chocolates, quilting notions gorgeous bird fabric and a book of totally useless information (which ended up being totally useful because it amused us all for quite a while - as you can see, it doesn't take much) I did have an sneaking suspicion who my secret sister was after a while. Here she is :-)

She was the best and makes those glasses look good:-)
Tomorrow I will tell you all what our little Rosie has been up to this weekend - she's been a busy birdie.

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