Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lily.....the heinous dog:-)

So if you know me, you know about my rescue chihuahua, the filthy animal (bless her heart) - a survivor ....like a cock roach in a nuclear holocaust...she is a sneaky little b....ch!
Today's Lily story is a good one. I had a lovely treat for the chickens -steamed veggies, nice bread, leftover fish and broccoli sprouts. its been teeming rain all day so with poncho on, I brave the elements and tend the birds- they go crazy for goodies I scattered for them. I continue on, filling feeders and when I turn to check the chicks....there is Lily in the pen gobbling down as much as she could! Like I don't feed her! I chase her out and go to wrangle Emily the Cochin who decided to free range in a downpour. Who was back in the run? Lily- eating among the chicken! Nuts!!!! I told her when she starts laying eggs I'll let her steal food from the hens!