Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Broody Girl

Spring fever has hit our sweet Silkie, Miss Lavinia. She is trying to go broody and not get off the eggs. I noticed she was in the nesting box all day so I decided to gently get the eggs out from underneath her. She did not like that idea in any way, shape or form:-(. My gentle girl was not giving up those eggs and pecked at me to leave her alone. Luckily she's a little girl and can't really hurt you but I felt so bad disrupting what she was so passionate about!!!!! I took her out of the nesting box and collected the days eggs - she had laid one of them and it was toasty warm☺. Since the eggs aren't fertilized (no roo) it was a futile effort but if she persists maybe I'll get a fertile one or two for her to sit on. (Don't tell Al)

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