Friday, September 18, 2009

Rosie the Jubilee Jabber:-)

This week was BIG for Rosie Cag and her socialization skills- it was her first time quilting with the girls! She has been inducted into the Jubilee Jabbers, my quilting group that meets once a month at my house. I have a WONDERFUL group of friends that all share many of the same of animals, beautiful fabric and lots of laughs. Her cage sits at the head of the table we sit around so she can watch over all that's going on. The first person she went to was Joan H. who won her over by talking softly in Spanish to her....Rosie turned into a pile of mush and didn't want to leave her. She ended up being approachable by everyone and NEVER POOPED on anyone!!! (even though I had the Poop -off handy and didn't even have to use it!) She also was quite taken by a friend's husband, Larry, who stopped in to her. After taking him in, she responded to his "Up Rosie", became quite comfortable and interested in his watch and hanging around on his arm.
She kind of "beaked" Lynn a little harder than usual but that's cause Lynn's so sweet.
As you can see, she was getting lots of scratches on the neck and generally had a great time. I have a feeling she will be a very welcome addition to our group - except we will have to watch out when she starts to talk. I don't think she'll get the concept WHAT HAPPENS AT JABBERS, STAYS AT JABBERS:-)

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