Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Smell my feet:-)

Continuing our discussion on how GIFTED my Rosie is....she learned the "up" command within a few days of arriving at her new home. Now she can't wait to step on to your hand. Sometimes she isn't too happy where she's being taken - like when it's time to get back in her cage, but she still always very methodically lifts her big feet one at a time and steps up! Smart Rosie!!
Her new thing the last few days is using her feet to hold her food! Now she sits holding on to the side of her bowl with one foot and holds whatever she's eating (if it's large enough) in her other foot. She can really chow down now with minimum food flingage....Good Bird!!!!!
PS - food flingage will be discussed in a later post - those that have birds know EXACTLY what I'm talking about:-) Those that don't will get a real education on the eating manners of a CAG.

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