Monday, September 7, 2009

Rosie Monkey Bird:-)

We brought Rose home about 2 weeks ago. She went into a nice big cage in our kitchen snd we wondered how she would do transitioning into her new bigger digs. She was a hoot - SO HAPPY! She started climbing all over the sides and even across the top - like she had to scope out the place. Last Sunday while we were in the kitchen fixing lunch she started to really try to talk - she always jabbered to herself but she started really making all sorts of different noises - some nasal, some from her throat. Weird and cool. Now when she feels like really letting go verbally she yipes and eeps just like a little monkey! How on earth does she turn a Yankee dialect/ accent into monkey speak I don't know???!!!!:-) She's not quite 12 weeks old but I already know she's GIFTED!!!!

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