Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rosie's Favorite Toy

Hi all - The holidays are over! Rosie wanted to share her favorite gift that Santa brought her for Christmas...
The Alex Toy . The minute it was hung in her cage she was in seventh heaven:-) She even tries to play with it from the outside of the cage. Oh it has so much for a birdie to play with. Keys, almonds, etc. All sorts of stuff. From what I understand a portion of the profits of this wonderfully stimulating toy is donated to the Alex Foundation. Check out TNT Birdtoys for the details. This is a very WELL LOVED toy.

This was Rosie's first Xmas and she was a great companion through all the preparations and festivities. One FUNNY discovery is that she LOVES Pavarotti! While baking my mother's Christmas stolen I always put on Pavarotti because it really takes me back to her (Italian) kitchen....the wonderful aroma and the sound of a great tenor..... Anyway, BOY did Rosie love the arias!!! Oh she was trying to sing right along with Luciano:-) The louder he got, the louder Rosie sang. My mother would have loved this birdie!
She also loved the Christmas tree. I had bronchitis through the whole holiday season so I pretty much was a chair slug (right next to the tree) when I wasn't trying to get something accomplished. She would sit with me and stare at the tree - she couldn't believe her eyes. Oh it was a very tempting sight for a bird who lives to nibble. One time she even flew into the tree. It was a real challenge trying to untangle her from all the wires and ornaments...she would not let go of the branches. This bird is a riot!

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  1. Oh my! What a silly birdie! She just wanted to see what all the sparkling things were the tree.
    I'm sorry you were sick, I hope you are all better now.
    How was the retreat? I need to hear all about it!
    Love and hugs!