Friday, February 15, 2013

Serama Update

Our Serama chicks are doing great! They are funny little things:-) They are always zipping around getting into everything that's in the brooder. I can't put a full load of food in their feeder because they scratch it right out- this week the emptied almost a quart of feed in less than a day- they were busy little chicks! They can now use the nipple waterer so at least they're not able to wick all the water from the old water hopper all over the brooder. I was having to change all the bedding material twice a day! Today I put wood chips on the brooder and they are having the best time! They scratch around fixing their spot under the Ecoglow heater and making a spot to bask in the sun. I love watching them! I'm trying to determine which ones are male or female....they are already growing little combs. Cross your fingers we have lots of girls....

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