Saturday, February 16, 2013

Who Wins? Lidia!!

So I'm not making any money from endorsements but I have to recommend this product! Lidia's Marinara! One of my easy go-to meals is Italian turkey sausage and marinara. Easy and quick- boil up some Dreamlands Pasta and you've got a tasty Italian meal. We have been favoring Rao's and on occasion using Giada's (lower priced sold at Target and Consumer Rated) but after trying Lidia's its a close second to my homemade....which of course - is the best! Even used it on pizza last night and it was delicious. Keep a jar of it in your pantry - you'll thank me for it.


  1. I've never tired either brand, actually have never seen either brand. I love watching Lidia on TV. I like my own recipe the best also. I was taught by a first generation gentleman we met used to go to church with in Texas. I will buy some of Lidia's to give it a try. We all know there are times we need a fast meal and no time or not the right ingredients on hand.

    1. We got Lidia’s at Fresh Market...and they sell Giada’s at Target. Either are good to keep on your shelf:-)
      XXX’s to you D!